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Logo SpectracomSpectracom specializes in GNSS simulators, network time servers, master clocks and modular systems.

GPS/GNSS Simulators

Multi-Channel Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS Simulators

Spectracom's GSG-6 Series of multi-channel, multi-frequency advanced GNSS simulators offers multiple frequency bands, multiple GNSS constellation simulation, and expansion to many more channels. With a base of 32 channels, upgradable to 48, 64, or more, it provides navigational fix and position testing. The Spectracom GSG-6 Series GNSS simulator protects your investment by being upgradeable in the future to more frequency bands and channels (plug-in hardware upgrade) and more signal formats (firmware upgrade).
  • Multi-GNSS, Multi-Frequency Simulator Spectracom GSG-6 GNSS simulator
  • GPS standard, new (L2C, L5) GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency P-code (unencrypted) and C/A code
  • Simultaneous GNSS Constellation P-code and C/A codes
  • Versatile multi-channel GNSS signal generator with pre-configured test scenarios
  • Operates with StudioView™ for easy trajectory creation via Google Maps
  • SBAS simulation: WAAS (N. America), EGNOS (Europe), GAGAN (India), MSAS (Japan)
  • Configurable multipath simulation
  • White noise generator for SNR testing
  • Configurable interference and jamming simulation
  • Fully operational via front-panel, web-based remote control, or SCPI protocol
  • Multiple interfaces for remote control: Ethernet, USB, GPIB
  • The GSG-6 Series is now able to simulate signals of the emerging Indian IRNSS and the Japanese QZSS systems.

Constellation Simulators for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou

The GSG-5 Series is a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellation simulator with a base of 4 channels, upgradeable to 8, 16 or more. Features:
  • Versatile multi-channel GNSS signal generator with pre-configured test scenarios
  • Includes advanced features such as SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, or GAGAN), white noise generation, multipath simulation
  • Operates with StudioView™ for easy scenario creation and file management
  • Fully operational via front-panel, web-based remote control, or SCPI protocol
  • Multiple interfaces for remote control
  • Affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use
  • SW upgradeable to more channels, more features, and other GNSS systems
Brochure GPS-/GNSS-tests in automotive industry

Comparison of GSG-5 Series and GSG-6 Series

This document compares the two series and helps making your decision.

Time and Frequency Synchronisation, Network Time Protocol ServersSpectracom Secure Sync

The SecureSync Synchronization Systems are a modular time & frequency synchronization platform with those features:
  • Enterprise Class GPS/GNSS MasterClock (4th Generation)
  • 25.000 installations worldwide from Finance Datacenters to Security and Defense industry including Energy, Telecom, Broadcast, Sat Ground Stations, IT, Transport…
  • Modularity/Upgradability : this unit has 6 available slots to fit with 25 available option boards (input/output signals like 1PPS, NTP, PTP, IRIG, 1,2,5, 10 MHz, E1/T1, SAASM, STANAG, HaveQuick, NMEA, Event Broadcast, ...)
  • Extended Operating Temperature (-20°C to +65°C) and shock & vibration proof embedded STD-810F as standard
  • Webserver/SNMP traps embedded as standard
  • IT Security protocols embedded (LdaP, IPSec, Radius, HTTS, IPV4, IPV6…..)
  • 1x1PPS, 1x10MHz, 1xNTP outputs available as standard
  • New features recently provided: FO native outputs (1PPS, IRIG, PTP), 1 Gb PTP (copper and fibre), sinewave frequency mixer (from 1 Hz to 16 MHz), Glonass receiver (GPS and Glonass available in same unit)
  • NATO approved equipment
  • 5 years warrantySpectracom time reference module
Bus-Level-Timing for computers with PCI, PCI express, VME, PMC, PC104, IP
PCI express Precision Time Protocol Timecode Processor
Network Time Server Series NetClock®

Other Products

Spectracom Switch & Amplifier System for the distribution of time and frequency reference signals
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